When it comes to animation, it can be easy to take for granted that what you are really watching are a series of individual pictures strung together create a sense of motion. Depending on the scene (and budget), it might take up to twenty-four of those just to make one single second of footage.

When taking that into consideration, there are a number of interesting, and sometimes beautiful, examples to be had when you observe certain scenes or just happen to pause at a certain place. This set of screenshots from Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet’s Ep. 2 epitomizes both this and HD: SH’s M.O., including why you may sometimes see posts like this.

Though the five-second scene itself is just a mundane shot of Bellows talking, the way her facial expressions are drawn, shift ever so slightly, and are captured in transition present a spectrum of images that are impressive enough on their own. “Twenty-four pictures for each second” weren’t used for this scene and most of her expressions displayed here were used twice within it, but the number of shots produced and utilized were sufficient for what was needed.

Just always keep in mind whenever you watch anything animated, and each of those seconds pass by and each of those steps or scrunches on a face are made: “Someone actually drew this…” (And stop-motion animation is even crazier…)